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Our Work

Communities of Peace was formed in 1995. Since that time, the program has been seeded in ten US communities, and projects have extended into six other countries.  Thanks to the hundreds of people who have helped us, and who continue to help us, make a difference. Our volunteers include: teachers, hospital administrators and staff, doctors and nurses, school superintendents, politicians, city officials, military chaplains and officers, members of our State Department, Ambassadors and their embassy staffers. And of course, school age children across the world. 


We have worked with thousands of children and many hundreds of adults to expand their experience of what is possible for them. We’ve initiated programs in the health, educational, environmental, interfaith and emergency planning areas. Our projects have included secretaries of state, many political officials, and even members of royalty. 


Some projects have  been presented at the United Nations and in the US congress. All of them have been personally demonstrated in ways that have brought value to the communities.

Our Projects Make a Difference

The Communities of Peace mission is grounded in making a difference. We believe this starts with helping expand people’s inner experience of who they are and what is possible for them. We also believe that it is equally important to create and support projects in the community that involve these experiences. That’s why you’ll see us create a variety of initiatives that support community involvement.

Our Projects



We’re currently offering complimentary meditations in Warrenton VA. The purpose of these is to help people experience themselves as love and to catalyze creative contributions to the local community. Sundays 12:30 – 1:30, Wednesdays 12-1. 24 Ashby St. Suite 201. Please rsvp to

Children's Cloth of Many Colors


Our flagship project since it began when we dedicated a peace pole for the Pentagon in September 2000. It has always been focused on peace --- created by and for our children. It is now over 1/3 mile long, containing yard-square sections from thousands of children in 32 countries. Check out our video!

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Community Development - A Climate Change from the Heart


Over the years, we’ve sponsored community programs with a caring approach from the heart – always toward the common goals that we face together. One of these gradually emerging goals is that of our response to climate change. We’re all in this together. We’re now sponsoring “gatherings” of women who are involved in climate change, called “Climate Change – From the Heart.” Our intention is to connect, collaborate, cross-fertilize and create sustainable solutions, at all levels.  



Over the years, we’ve sponsored many events related to peace, children and the environment. These events have taken place in congress, at the United Nations, at a number of DC memorials, embassies, international and local venues, and at Chautauqua Institution. 

Peace Poles


We’ve donated and dedicated peace poles at Rady Park in Warrenton, Virginia, to the mayor of Washington, DC when the city was declared a Community of Peace, at the Pentagon (where it  

stands today in the prayer room), and sent one on a US military plane to the Afghan government. Hundreds of local children participated.



We initiated a Reiki complementary healing program at Fauquier Hospital. This program, now in its 10th year, has served hundreds of people, both in the hospital itself and through the Wellness Center. 

Classes and Workshops


We’ve sponsored a number of workshops on women, spirituality and the environment. One of our favorites is called “The Heart of the Mother.” And, Gerry provides several others that are more one-on-one or for small groups. You can find out more about her offerings here. All of our class and workshops are ongoing and ever evolving. Please keep in touch with us via email so you'll always know when we have an event occurring.

International Programs & Exchanges


We’ve sponsored international programs between local children and children in Afghanistan, Ethiopia, Costa Rica, and Kenya. A program  

between local children and orphans from Puerto Rico will take place in March 2019.

Children and Expanded Horizons


In Warrenton, VA, we've worked with an estimated 250 children from both public and private schools, Boys and Girls Club, scouts, homeschoolers, and the Homeless Shelter. We've taken them to embassies, the State Department, the Pentagon, and sponsored one as a delegate to a United Nations international program.

Help Our Cause

Your support and contributions will enable us to continue meet our goals and bring future projects to our communities. 

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