Communities of Peace
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Mission, Definition, and Overview


People often ask us what makes our Communities of Peace program different from other approaches to peace – after all, human beings have been trying to create a peaceful world for many thousands of years.


Rather than depending on a “top down” approach -- of governments and politicians trying to design or negotiate peace, our approach takes the position that it is the responsibility, joy and indeed mission of everyone to create a peaceful world – and that this peace starts from within.


I believe that this is why we are here – to discover our Divine Nature, and to contribute to others from that place.


The program is purposely designed to be a simple one -- enough to be a framework, but with lots of space to evoke the individual creative expression that is in each person.  The end result is intended to be like a beautiful garden, with all of the flowers able to come to full blossom, enhancing each other.  If people are happy and fulfilled, they don’t create wars.


Therefore, our mission is:  “to provide a format for people to identify themselves as peacemakers at the earliest possible age, the means to evoke each person’s unique nature, and a platform for participants to contribute their unique positive contributions of peace into the community.” 


Our definition of “peace” is the ultimate fulfillment and expression of each member of the community, in contribution to the whole.


Finding and identifying one’s intrinsic nature is often not as easy as it may sound.  That’s one reason that we started with the approach of the child – since it’s a place of innocence, sweetness, fun, and creativity.  We all have that place within ourselves.  It’s also why we have a strong focus on nature itself as a reflecting medium to understand our own inner nature. 


Our mind/body/spirit programs are optional, nondenominational, and help people to experience their inner nature in a profound manner.  They also assist people in defining their own natural attractions.  Expressing “who you really are” requires that we understand ourselves first, and are comfortable with that understanding.


Our programs contain an important blend of intangibles superimposed upon a tangible process. Through participating in our programs, the magic begins, and the world becomes sweet again.   The love, purity and innocence of children were the catalyst for our first major project (The Children’s Cloth of Many Colors,) and have been a powerful transformative force for peace as we have expanded into programs for adults.


We’ve designed our program to enhance a community’s specific goals for peace.  Therefore, it’s important for those within each community to identify what’s important to them, always keeping an eye on the positive; on “what we do want, not what we don’t.”  The Peace Forums are the perfect place for group discussions toward that end.  


The Emissary of Peace program is designed for individuals to first search within, then gradually externalize their individual expressions of peace into the community.   Both a child’s and an adult version are available.


The Children’s Cloth of Many Colors experience is one that many people describe as “magical.”  Because it contains the love and inspiration of children, one never knows what wonderful surprises might happen by participating! 


Our basic template for communities consists of five steps, to be completed within a year’s timeframe.


·                    An initial declaration of intent to become a Community of Peace.  This is usually done by the mayor or city council.

·                    Completion of at least 4 sections for the Children’s Cloth of Many Colors, to join the larger quilt.

·                    Completion of at least peace forums within the community.

·                    Completion of at least 2 Emissary of Peace programs.

·                    Final declaration of the community as a Community of Peace.



We hope that our Communities will continue their status as a Community of Peace after the year’s program, sharing their ongoing experiences with our other communities.  We’re happy to talk with you about ongoing possibilities.   


Gerry Eitner



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